About Sally

My healing room is based in Kensington and I have been healing for several years having first trained in Reiki I & II. I then became a UK accredited professional healer having completed a two year healing course at the London College of Psychic Studies.

I read about Dr Eric Pearl and Reconnective healing® and felt very strongly that I had to learn. I flew to Milan in 2015 to attend Dr Eric Pearls training seminar. I was astonished to find that I felt the frequencies on the first day, I felt a ticking in my left hand and sensations in my body like an electric bolt which made me ‘jump” in my seat.

In London I had the two-session Reconnection® and during the last five minutes I felt like I was being scanned and saw a wave of purple and white light.
My life really did move forwards in a good way after that , my intuition was clearer , I felt balanced, worried less and let my life just go with the flow.

I work voluntarily for a charity called Healing Hands Network and for the last four years I have worked in Sarajevo for two weeks giving healing to victims of war suffering from ptsd. I also work through Healing Hands for Combat Stress in Chiswick working with veterans.

On a personal level I am very interested in esoteric teachings and I regularly mediate and attend workshops. Three years ago I spent two weeks with shamans travelling around sacred sites in Peru.
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