Seven years ago I really did not know anything about healing.  I suffered from irritable bowel syndrome and was going through the stress of a divorce and selling our house.  Apart from insomnia and anxiety, I also suffered from eczema.  I used to see clairvoyants to get clarity on my life and I was often told  "do you know you are a healer".  One of the clairvoyants offered to teach me Reiki and when I had the examination I was told by the client that I was working on that I was gifted (she was also a healer), which gave me the confidence to pursue more training.  At this stage I was not ready to offer healing professionally to clients as I needed to gain more experience and work on myself first.  

Roll on the years and I have without doubt healed myself.  I think it is important for my clients to meet me and see that  I am calm, balanced, healthy and happy and don't carry negative energy.

I work hard at keeping my vibration up, I meditate, practice kundalini yoga and I have found that I have the ability to manifest good things in my life.  Once you raise your vibration life really does change, intuition improves, you speak from the heart and you become much more empathetic towards fellow human beings. 

I feel very strongly that we should all experience as much as we can and not become stuck in a rut.  When you vibration is high the universe pushes you to do things out of your comfort zone.  Three years I volunteered to work at the Moira Refugee Camp in Lesbos, Greece.  It was very hard as I had never experienced such awful suffering and despair.  Now if I get a set back in life I put it all into perspective as nothing could be worse than losing everything and being stuck in a refugee camp, which I thought was a living hell.

I don't have the gift of clairvoyance so I don't give clients readings but they do value my intuitive advice.