We are in the midst of an encouraging new shift on the planet, one that allows us to tap into incredible new frequencies of healing and evolution . For me, Reconnective healing was a “knowing” that I should do it. Having been trained as a Reiki and Spiritual healer I knew healing was very powerful but I was really taken back by being “immersed” in the frequencies at Dr Eric Pearls training seminar that I attended in 2014.  The frequencies were so strong it made my body jump in my seat and afterwards a nerve in my hand ticked for months. Scientists have suggested that these frequencies might be on the planet for the first time and these frequencies appear to work on all levels affecting our cells and DNA to bring about healings both physical and mental. Dr Eric Pearl believes the frequencies bring us balance and wholeness which I believe to be true particularly if you combine healing with meditation .

Reconnective healing is very much about working on the aura and its layers.  The etheric, emotional, mental, astral, etheric template, celestial and spiritual. With Reconnective healing there are various registers to look out for such as eyes fluttering and fingers, feet and toes moving.  When I tap into the energy around my clients' aura they might notice tingling and/or hot or cold energies running through their body. The healing always puts my clients into a deep state of relaxation or sleep. 

When I work in Bosnia some of my clients have had legs or arms amputated and have been subject to mortar attacks.  I spend a lot of time working on the phantom limb and my left hand just seems to work on its own with my fingers cutting quickly on what seems like invisible strings. When I work on a client that has been in a mortar attack part of their aura feels like shards of glass and I find my hand smoothing it down. The work I do on the aura generally lasts around 20 to 30 mins and because I also think healing with touch is very important, I place my hands on the parts of my client's body that I am drawn to.   

The results that I have had in Bosnia have been very good.  One Client told me that for the first time in years he could do the gardening now.  I saw one man this year who I treated three years ago and when he saw me he said "look I can still raise my arm".  This year I saw a woman who complained that she suffered from a nose bleed every night for years but after one session of Reconnective healing from me she came back the next week saying the she had not experienced any more nose bleeds since her healing.   

The work I do on the aura generally lasts around 20 to 30 minutes and because I think healing with touch is very important, I place my hands on the part of my clients body that I am drawn to.  Women in particular seem to hold a lot of trauma in their abdomen area and I find that if I place my hands on their stomach and gently roll backwards and forwards it helps to release emotional pain but I only do that if they are happy for me to do it. I always finish with grounding.

There are some healers that yawn when they enter in to an active energy exchange when tuning in to their client.  I am one of them, tears can run down my cheek too. The yawning is an automatic response to my body’s consciousness as it transmutes and releases energy from my system, which I am in the process of constantly absorbing and releasing from my client.

In terms of Reconnective Healing it can take two or three sessions for my clients to really feel the energies, as I need to work on their energy flowing well.  Once flowing it really does help to balance the energy in the body which gives my clients a good feeling of wellbeing and reboots their body to heal itself.