When I heard that Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer were presenting a one day workshop for Reconnective practitioners I booked a flight to Stuttgart, Germany.  I was keen to learn more and it was wonderful being immersed in the frequencies when we were all together.  

The night before the workshop we congregated together to listen to Eric and Jillian talk about Eric Pearl's book, Solomon Speaks
on Reconnecting Your Life, the book was written in collaboration with Frederick Ponzlov.  As guided by the spirit of Solomon, an extra dimensional intelligence that speaks through Frederick, insights were imparted during the evolution of this unique trans modality known as Reconnective Healing. 

I would like you to read here extracts of the book, Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting your Life that inspire me:-

" The function of healers in this existence is the possibility of opening doors.  It is opening doors, as well, for your ability to open the doors.  
You have to have compassion for the person who's deciding whether or not to walk through the door, so that they will come through.  Hopefully they will.  You want the result because you want people to feel better about their lives.  You want them to function in a clearer way, but you can't get attached to the result of it, and you can't internalise the result of it because that is not in your control.  
In other words if somebody is holding on to whatever sort of disease and they are adamant about it, that's no reflection of your ability to open the door.  You have opened the door.   You have invited them in.  Now, perhaps they just don't want to walk through it.  That is no reflection on you, and that is not something you can quantify to a degree"

"The best healing that takes place is where the healer and the patient become the same energy.  They find their connection, as you have already discovered, without all the cerebral stuff that goes with it, without all that.  The healer opens the door, the patient walks through.  The patient isn't threatened by the healer or intimidated by the healer"

"Explaining healing is a very complicated issue because there are two people in the healing process.  There is the partner, as you are,
 - the healing practitioner.  And then there is the person, who will be named a client, who is coming to be healed.  Now, if clients are at a vibrational level that will not allow the energy to permeate their existence, there's nothing that can heal them.  Their process is closed down.   You have to have a partner to heal.
It is not a simple, one-sided " Here, come to my light - I am going to heal you".  It doesn't work that way, It is there to open their lives up and if they allow themselves to be open, then the music can be heard.  
But many peoples's process with the disease are not allowing themselves to open up their lives to hear the music.  They need to go through the process, we cannot spare people from pain.  We cannot spare people from the difficulties they'll undergo, because it is part of their process to learn from it.  If they come to a point where they believe that they will allow themselves to be healed, that's when you appear.  You connect with that willingness to change their lives.  They have come to a point where they are willing and open to change. It is a very difficult point for people to arrive at.  
It takes a great deal of soul searching especially when one has encountered life-crippling disease,  it is a partnership and unless both of those harmonies are in rhythm, it cannot become whole.  It's as if you have a gift and you say. "Here do you want it?"  Some people see that as a gift of gold, this who find it as gold will embrace it.  Those who find it as manure will discard it.
It's up to that person who comes to you to be able to perceive the value of the energy that is coming to them.  Their life
must perceive it".

"You have to recognise that you can no longer deny that you are part of the entire cosmos.  You do not function isolated, and somehow, in this plane at this time, we have gone off and become very disconnected from the rhythm that flows through all of us.   The rhythm is going to get louder.  You are going to be forced to hear it.  And those who shield their ears and close their eyes, yes, they will have to come back again to try and understand that process of being part of the greater rhythm. "

Personally, I think it is important that clients realise after they have had their first healing that they don't expect to be instantly healed.  (It has happened but it is rare)  Healing is a gradual process and sometimes they can feel worse before they feel better and they need to want to be healed,  not be pushed into it by a parent, friend or spouse.  

Before I became a healer I booked an appointment to see a healer in London as i was highly stressed due to going through a divorce. After the healing,  I could not sleep and I was cross and agitated, I never went back.  Now I realise that I wasn't open or receiving to her healing and expected "instant" healing.  The person in question is an excellent healer, it was my attitude that was wrong. 

As Reconnective healers we suggest three healings and sometimes clients come just for The Reconnection.