I had never experienced a healing session before I met Sally and I had no idea what to expect. Sally has a quiet, calm and peaceful manner which radiates out to all those around her. I was shocked at the power of her energy which seemed to be leaping from her hands with palpable force. I felt energized but at the same time very very peaceful and relaxed after the session was over. Sally is, in my opinion is a very gifted healer who i have no hesitation in recommending.
Lesley Walker (EFT practitioner)
I met Sally socially and was intrigued when she told me she was a healer. I am a Consultant Oncologist and I booked six weekly sessions with her. I immediately felt the healing frequencies and felt so much calmer and better. I was so impressed with Reconnective Healing that I flew out to Miami to learn from Eric Pearl so that I can benefit from self healing and healing on my family.
I have had a few healings over the last couple of years and each time they do make a difference. There is a shift in me and I do experience a release of many emotions. When Sally connects to the healing energy my body feels like cement, totally relaxed. Sally is naturally talented and exudes a calm and nurturing warmth. I would thoroughly recommend Reconnective healing if you are feeling upset, depressed and anxious. It helps me switch off and my body feels more energized and balanced afterwards.
Kate Wake Walker
Sally has helped me very much with her healing sessions and she makes me feel calm, relaxed and very uplifted. Sally has definitely helped me with my high levels of stress, headaches and occasional IBS and identified other ailments which has been helpful to address.

Amanda Baston
I had several healing sessions with Sally both before and after my last bowel operation. Through I have had four serious operations over the last year I am now in full recovery. Many friends have mentioned how well I appear. I put this down to a combination of acupuncture and Sally's excellent healing sessions. Sally works in a very sympathetic way in charming surroundings. Her method operates at a subtle level, each session feeling very relaxed. I can wholeheartedly recommend her.
Adam Parkin

Thank you so much for the healing you gave me last week. My dizziness and the problem with my ear has totally gone, you are amazing.
Karen Clayton
I went to see Sally after many months of trauma, stress and anger. As soon as I lay down in her cosy, crystal filled room, I already felt calmer. Sally dimmed the light
and lit candles and before she started her healing process, gave me a wonderful soothing foot massage. This helped me to unwind, be in the room, but also to talk through some of my experiences. I already felt a lot less anxious and ready for the healing session. When she was working over my body , I could "feel" her presence around my body. At times, my knees or my jaws and head felt hot and I felt tingles going through my body, the overall feeling was of increasing calm and peace. After an hour, I felt rested and serene. Sally's calm and warm personality adds to her gift as a healer.
Helena Mactaggart
I came to Sally at a very emotionally challenging time in my life and her sessions were instrumental in not only helping me find more balance and healing, but also in reconnecting me as well as feeling more aligned and connected spiritually. I had three reconnective healing sessions with her before going on to have the reconnection. Her healing room is a very peaceful space which is a joy to be in. The energy in reconnective healing is very light but also very strong in its effect. I felt certain thoughts/beliefs and emotions being let go of, gently, felt my body and aura being cleared and strengthened and also felt and saw a lot of light around me, particularly after the third session. I felt so much brighter and so grateful that that space had been held for me at that pivotal time. There was a definite shift. Sally has really lovely energy. If you feel the pull I would definitely recommend that you go and see her.
I first started seeing Sally almost 4 years ago to help address my mood swings and bi-polar, which I have had all my life. Sally is very professional, warm and sympathetic. I felt I could be very open with her about my feelings. Following the treatments, I have had more energy, felt calmer and am more grounded since my sessions started. I have raved about Sally to my friends and would have no hesitation in recommending her.
Mollie Lottery