I had received a healing from Sally once before and already knew her energy was pristine, so when she told me about the Reconnection®, I didn't for one moment hesitate. Sally explained that the axis of the Earth had shifted and that by having our personal energy grids realigned with those of Earth, our lives would flow much better. There's a lot of logic to this and intuitively I knew I needed it. I visited Sally on two consecutive days to receive The Reconnection.

The first session took around 30mins. I became completely still and felt cool air around my body felt decluttered, fresher and lighter and my mind calmed. At one point I saw something that reminded me of 3D graph paper.

Following the session, I was very hungry and had to eat a big grounding meal almost immediately afterwards but felt happy and full of energy. I had an amazing evening out.

The second session was the following morning. This felt completely different. This time the energies felt warm. My mind remained more engaged with the process and I felt as though I was travelling from Earth's core to the universe and back. I was aware at the end of Sally walking three times clockwise and anti-clockwise around me to lock in the energies. I got up intrigued to see how this second session would affect me.

I know that there will be longer term changes of which I am not yet aware, but the most remarkable shift has been a tangible increase in my self confidence. I spent the first business day after the Reconnection® making decisions quickly and without self doubt. I feel taller somehow and more in my power. On the healing front, my heart went into a 24 hours crisis and a great deal of anguish was released. This required my full attention but I wasn't afraid. It felt important and cleansing.

It is now two days after the Reconnection® and I will be interested to see what else unfolded. I have no hesitiation in recommending Sally and her ground breaking work.
Sarah Cheesbrough - Photographer, writer and healer
I felt calm and peaceful throughout the Reconnection®. I was aware of tremendous heat and waves of energy particularly around the brow chakra and solar plexus. I could feel a gentle tapping sensation on my brow. At one point during the Reconnection® an image of a soaring white eagle came to me and at another point an image of a pharaoh. Towards the end the light was bright and intense - it felt like the sun beaming down on me. I felt relaxed and grounded after the Reconnection® with a wonderful sense of inner calm but energised too. Quite remarkable!
Judith Jeans
The Reconnection® has been a life-changing experience, a wonderful time spent with Sally. Only two sessions were enough to reconnect myself to my body and mind. The sessions were an amazing peaceful time. I could feel my third eye opening wide, very intense purple light surrounding me and strings pulled away from my body connecting themselves to another realm. My body was light and heavy at the same time, my hands lifted up reaching up to the energies that Sally was drawing towards me.
A month later I can definitely say that I am more in tune with my body and environment. The decision making process had become easier and I am more positive about the future.
Karen Glles
"Second Chance of Life" Sally gave me the Reconnection in August 2017 and I can honestly say that I now feel whole, happy and contented. I feel younger, confident and alive again after many years of struggle.

Up until last year I had been single for 10 years, but feeling better about myself, I had the courage to start internet dating. I am now in a relationship with a widower who lives 10 mins away from me and I am countingmy blessings. Thank you Sally, since the Reconnection I have really felt a strong push to eat more healthily, exercise, meditate and go with the flow of life.
Karen Clayton, aged 62